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Recommit to Your Fitness Practice

Seasonal change often means a shift in our daily activities, whether it’s related to home, family and friends, work or maybe travel. These changes can often effect our fitness routines, and sometimes our goals are put aside to adjust for everything else. However, re-energizing our approach and being intentional with our steps can make all the difference.

Here are a few ways to re-commit to your practice:

Mix it up

One of the best ways to get re-energized for your fitness journey is by adding a little variety to what you do each week. And this does not have to be complicated! Perhaps instead of the same three Pilates classes you take each week, you decide to change one class to check out a new instructor; maybe you do an occasional private session to work on a new challenging exercise with all eyes on you; Consider checking out a video work out for Pilates “homework” between studio sessions or when traveling; or maybe you walk to your session or jog right after to add some additional movement to your day because you have to miss your usual class the next day.

Tell others

There’s something about saying your goal out loud to others that makes you feel a little bit more accountable for what you want to get done. You can mention your goal to the ladies you see in class each week; you’d be surprised who is listening and may have something to add or remember to check on you during the next class. You can also tell your favorite instructor! She or he will be happy to add something extra during your class with them (beware: you’ll get what you ask for!). Don’t forget to tell friends and family or coworkers… Generally anybody you see on a regular basis. And of course, just the act of saying it out loud allows you to hear yourself and commit to the process.

Make it a daily priority

Making fitness a daily priority doesn’t mean you have to exercise every day; it means that your actions and decisions are based around your fitness goals. Maybe on your days off from studio sessions, you do choose to incorporate different forms of movement. Or maybe part of your fitness and wellness means making great choices with your nutrition and prioritizing your mental fitness by journaling or meditating. It all becomes part of your lifestyle the more it’s put into practice.

So what are YOU are-committing to today?

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