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Pilates Through Any Season

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Pilates is not a one size fits all method: it's truly adaptable to what your body wants and needs and how you feel like moving in any season.

The Method is Flexible

The Pilates method was created as a system, a whole body movement routine focused on building strength and flexibility, bringing awareness to breath and keeping us mindful and present during our practice. Regardless of your preferred Pilates school of thought (and yes, there are many!), there are exercises, and ways of cueing that are adaptable to fit your needs.

The Equipment/Apparatus is Adaptable & Supportive

The same Reformer that can take you through a rigorous routine full of athletic (and sometimes gymnastic) type movement, is the same apparatus that is supportive post-rehab, post-natal, or just for the Pilates newbie. The versatility of the Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Chair, Barrels and other small equipment allows instructors to create variety, but also adjust for client preferences and needs. And it's truly a system that works together to provide a well-rounded practice.

Breath, Focus and Intention are ALWAYS in Season

Pilates often gets the reputation as being all about the moving exercises, and for some, the physical results. However, there is purpose and intention behind all dancing around the equipment. Breath is consistently cued (sometimes differently), and is an exercise in itself! The emphasis on precise movement is not for perfectionism, but rather for mental focus and body conditioning. Staying conscious or present during your exercise routine allows you to truly tune into your body, learning its needs and also an awareness of how you're progressing on your own fitness journey. This is applicable through all stages in your wellness journey...not just one season.

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