Meet Our Instructors

Our Instructors have varied backgrounds, interests and teaching styles, but we all share the same mission: to create a space where our clients feel welcomed, challenged...and seen.

Conscious Movement Pilates Coral Gables
Deanndria Mujahid, Pilates Instructor, Conscious Movement

Deanndria opened Conscious Movement in 2012, with experience as a  Pilates instructor, fitness enthusiast/professional and an overall lover of movement. This is demonstrated in her teaching style, which is a balance of athleticism, focus and tuning into your own needs.  Pilates has been her go to as a runner, before/during/after pregnancies and everything in between. She has always seen Pilates as a tool of choice, with the real emphasis on helping others find empowerment within themselves.  She feels most grounded when outdoors, ideally by the ocean, and also with her family. And she'll talk anything food with you...anytime. It's her second love.

Deanndria Mujahid  

Studio Founder

Pilates Instructor

Shelby Tallon, Pilates Instructor, Conscious Movement

For Shelby, movement is essential for her mental and physical health, allowing her to feel more present and show up better for herself and for those she loves. She finds joy in helping others, even in the smallest way, and learning what makes others unique. Oceanside walks, cuddling with her dogs, listening to music, quality time with her people, journaling, and prayer are her musts for grounding. Approaching life with curiosity and making time to play and have fun is really important to Shelby. Oh, and she can literally dance all night, like an energizer bunny!

Shelby Tallon

Studio Admin

Pilates Instructor

Amanda Ruiz, Pilates Instructor, Conscious Movement

Movement has allowed her to understand that she is multi-dimensional, from dance to Pilates, to weight-lifting and running, allowing her to be soft, strong, fast, quick, powerful, controlled, focused, graceful, direct and graceful all at the same time. ! She truly loves helping people find their own strength and abilities; helping them feel more empowered. She finds centering while in a quiet space, or through journaling. And home cooked meals with family and friends is a weekly joy, never forgetting the red wine and dessert.

Amanda Mishael Ruiz

Pilates Instructor

Adriana Herdan, Pilates Instructor, Conscious Movement

Movement has been a pivotal factor in her life for mental health and her relationship with her body, especially in yoga and Pilates. It has given her more discipline, habits and a career. Her favorite part about working with people are all the stories; interacting with people of all ages and all walks of life, always amazed to hear about their experiences...truly learning from each of them. Seeing people achieve their goals, and knowing she played a part in their journey is rewarding. Writing/journaling have always been her go to for grounding, finding the practice super cathartic and connects her to the present moment and organizes her thoughts. And reading is for sure her first love, reading anywhere from 50 to 70 books a year.

Adriana Herdan

Pilates Instructor


Tomika Jones

Pilates Instructor