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I'm new to Pilates. How should I get started?

Welcome! We believe that the Pilates method can truly transform how you move and feel, and we want you to have the best introduction to the method! We suggest scheduling a New Client Intro Call with us so we can direct you in the right direction. Most clients begin with a  with an New Client Private Intros (2 sessions)  to familiar themselves with the Pilates method and our studio, as well as dedicate time to their own personal movement needs. Scheduling an intro call or emailing us with any questions about the best way for YOU to begin!


What should I wear to class?

During a class, it's important for the instructor to see your form, so be sure to wear comfortable, but non baggy clothing. Leggings, yoga pants or slim athletic pants + tank top or fitted t-shirt usually work well. Also, remember to bring a pair of socks, preferably a pair with non-skid bottoms. We also sell some at the studio.

I have had multiple injuries and/or surgeries. Is Pilates for me?

If you have any concerns related to your current health, feel free to email the studio and we'll contact you to guide you to the appropriate class, or schedule you a private should you need more personalized attention. We welcome all ability levels, and want to ensure safety in our classes.

Is it true that Pilates is just for flexible women?

Pilates may get that reputation...but it's for EVERYONE! You by no means need to be flexible; we can help you with that! Pilates was actually created by an athletic man who had experience in martial arts, gymnastics, boxing and more.

I am pregnant OR have recently had a baby. Can I take a class?

Be sure to email the studio prior to reserving a class. We often have other moms to be/new moms looking for a class together, so we can pair you up. OR we can discuss your previous Pilates/fitness experience and guide you in the right direction. Contact us.

Where did that Pilates equipment originate from?

Very Brief History: Pilates has evolved to various schools of thought and contemporary education programs. However, Pilates was originated by Joseph Pilates, a German man who emigrated to the US in the 1920s. As a child with many ailments, he became fascinated with being balanced in body, mind and spirit, and began to develop his own system of exercises. He opened his fitness studio in NYC, right next to the NYC Ballet (which is why Pilates gets a "dance" reputation...he trained many dancers, but also many others). A very innovative man, he developed his equipment, similar to what you will see in Pilates studios today.

Who benefits from Pilates?

Everybody. Truthfully! We have had clients in middle school up to clients in their late 80s. Whether you are new to fitness, a triathlete, recently had a baby, looking for something new, need to increase your flexibility or want a total body workout (head to toe!), we've got you covered.

Will I lose weight doing Pilates?

You will hear different things related to weight loss with Pilates. At our studio, we do teach a fitness based Pilates type class. You may sweat. Some days you may feel a more rigorous workout then others. Our goal is offer you a well rounded, total body exercise routine that incorporates building core strength, flexibility, body awareness, use of breath, attention to alignment. Some feel they lose inches, some claim they feel taller. Everyone's experience is different, and we encourage all forms of movement that help you feel good in your own body. We guarantee you'll feel better than when you walked in.

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