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pilates coral gables, miami pilates studio

We welcome you as you are & support a stronger version of you.

Our studio offers Pilates
Group & One-on-One  Sessions in a personalized & comfortable atmosphere that supports you in any season.

Pilates Coral Gables, Miami Pilates studio

Rediscover your body

Gain strength & flexibility

Renew confidence

Miami Pilates classes, Pilates coral gables

Do any of these keep you from finding your fitness groove?

  • Prioritizing time for movement

  • Finding an efficient & effective method of exercise

  • Feeling comfortable at a  studio that welcomes you at your level & your needs

  • Finding a studio environment that is challenging, but not competitive

...then you're in the right place.

Pilates can (and should be) approachable, challenging ...and fun!

Pilates can (and should be) approachable, challenging ...and fun!

pilates coral gables, conscious movement

Boutique Environment

We offer a personalized experience, which won’t leave you lost during a class.

Pilates classes miami, coral gables pilates

Variety of Equipment

Privates and classes are offered on the reformer, tower and chair (and some other apparatus) to shake things up...and keep you guessing.

miami Pilates studio

Supportive Community

It’s just part of our vibe!

Our instructors are welcoming and our clients will help you feel part of the tribe.

Conscious Movement was created to fill a gap.

Movement has always been a constant in my life, as well as inspiring others to find joy in the discovery of what our bodies can do...and truly honoring what our body is craving in this we have evolved. I wanted to provide a space that welcomed this self-exploration, and intimate enough that we can, yes, do Pilates, but also connect with others along the journey. 

For me, it is more than just the name of the exercises or a particular sequence to follow that’s about celebrating our body and doing it in a space that feels like a second home, amongst other heart-minded individuals. It's what I needed, as a young entrepreneur, and now busy mother, wife, seeking a sense of balance in a safe space. And it's what I wish for you.

See you soon,


conscious movement pilates, deanndria mujahid
Deanndria CMP-151.jpg

I started my journey with pilates in 2018 for recurring lower back pain and immobility.. Without a doubt, I can say pilates saved my back... Besides the purely physical benefits, the intentional movement and emphasis on breath has improved my mind-to-body connection within the practice and also in everyday situations of life. The instructors at Conscious Movement make the studio such a welcoming and friendly place to practice pilates and give off great energy which motivates me to challenge myself while listening to my body.

Deanndria CMP-54.jpg

I started Pilates thirteen years ago and have never stopped. I know that my very deep core muscles are stronger.  I can actually feel them now. I learn something new about myself in every single class, and have been able to "feel" areas that maybe two or three years ago could not sense. .  I moved to Miami ten years ago and went to several Pilates studios and classes.  I found some too crowded and that did not allow instructors to concentrate on the students. When I found Conscious Movement I knew that this is where I wanted to train, and I have been a student there for the past eight years.


“I have been practicing Pilates for over 8 years.  I have been to some of the finest studios  from the New York City and New Jersey area.  Without question Conscious Movement Pilates studio ranks among the finest.

The classes are consistent and professional at all times.  The instructors are caring, organized, supportive and their adjustments are spot on. Since regularly practicing at Conscious Movement,  my fitness and overall fitness has improved dramatically.

Marie G
Lucy M
Beatriz L

Hear it from our clients - each has a unique story to share.

Getting started is easy.

pilates getting started, miami pilates beginners

Schedule A Call

Let us know a bit about you and the best time to chat. 

miami pilates beginners, pilates miami

Create A Plan

We use this call to go a bit deeper and create the best plan for you to get started.


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